CelaCare Backgrounder: Downloadable pdf

The CelaCare Backgrounder provides a brief overview and profile of the company.

Silver Citrate

Silver salts are potent antimicrobial agents. Many wound care products currently on the market contain different forms of silver. CelaCare’s products contain a proprietary silver citrate, which alone demonstrates antimicrobial activity, but concentrations can be significantly reduced when combined with acemannan. U.S. and International pending patents protect the combination of any silver salt combined with Aloe vera products including acemannan.

Acemannan Review: Downloadable pdf

Acemannan has been extensively studied over the past 20 years and is an ingredient that has been incorporated in many wound care products with excellent results. Most products containing Aloe vera have little or no acemannan and companies using Aloe derived products generally do not assay for the ingredient. The “Acemannan Review” will provide a summary and overview of published peer reviewed literature for the material.